The River Clyde and Old Kilpatrick from Kilpatrick Hills was first launched back in 2012 as a basic website with social pages. Over the past 5 years it’s grown into an exciting online portal where people like, share and read about a wide variety of things happening in Old Kilpatrick itself and the neighbouring areas. The website and social pages are here to help us all communicate with each other, share news, events, local groups, activities and to help promote local business.

About Us

The website itself is run by husband and wife who have lived in Old Kilpatrick for 19 years. Husband has 13 years experience running his own business within the design and marketing industry and wife has 20 years experience in office administration and product account management. Together we wanted to give some of our time to the community. We have a young family and know that being part of the local community is important. Since the kids came along we have felt much more apart of Old Kilpatrick due to the many hours spent at pre-school, primary school, social events and kids entertainment.


Our mission is to get locals using the website and social pages. By doing so we hope to give you the chance to share you stories, experiences, events and businesses. We also want to give local business a place to advertise to locals via our the website, social pages and Google, our advertising will be value for money and help towards costs and time put into running this project.

Community Social

Much like we said above, our social pages are here to help us locals communicate about things that are going on in the area. We have a FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages. Follow these pages and help us share stuff, promote events and connect with our local community based groups.

Our Friends & Partners

We link to other community websites and social pages. As we continue to grow we will be adding more of our friends to the website and social network. Check out our current list of friends via the sites menu. If you run a group or local page please do get in touch to see if we can partner up!

Safe & Friendly

The website and social pages are here to involve all members of the community. We want to make sure that it is a safe and friendly environment for all ages. Anyone seen to be using the site in an unfriendly or fraudulent manner will have their ip address blocked and they will be reported to the relevant authorities.


The River Clyde at Old Kilpatrick