Let’s discuss… does Old Kilpatrick have too much DOG POO on the paths we walk?

I’m glad this has been brought to my attention by other residents in the village. Why not talk about it because it sure does make me cross when my child walks in dog poo or anyone for that matter. I had this very experience opposite the school at the bus stop this very week and today I heard of two more children being covered in poo outside of the Church, where the school children gather for their group walks into school.

Let the Residents have their say!

We are looking to hear from you and discuss in a positive manner about if there is an issue on your street related to this very headline?

Facebook Poll

There is a poll on our Facebook page, get involved and let us know if you have a dog poo problem in your street/area.

West Dunbartonshire Council

From what I have experienced personally the council do try to keep things clean to the best of their resources but I think this boils down to the dog owner who don’t lift their dog’s mess.

Of course, it’s not all dog owners, I see plenty of people lifting poo. Most people have bags in their pockets but if you do run low on bags for the dog poo remember the council can provide bags if need be.

A disaster could happen!

I grew up with a boy who lost his eye because of a little drop of dog poo from his shoe that touched his finger and got rubbed into his eye whilst playing. This could happen to a local kid.

You can report dog fouling

Find out more about dog fouling on the West Dunbartonshire Council website by clicking here

Free Poop Scoop Bags

To assist dog owners to clear away their dog mess, we have purchased biodegradable poop scoop bags which are available free of charge. You can obtain the bags from:

  • Clydebank
    Asda, Clydebank Shopping Centre
    All Clydebank Libraries
    All Clydebank CE Centres
    All Clydebank Police Office, Montrose Street
    Boyce and Houston Vets Practice, Crown Avenue
    Centre 81
    Knowes Housing
    Trafalgar Housing
  • Dumbarton
    Asda, St James’ Retail Park
    Glenbrae Vets Practice, Station Road
    Council Offices, 16 Church Street
    Admin Office, Elm Road, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate
    Dumbarton Library, Strathleven Place
    All Dumbarton CE Centres
    Dumbarton Police Office, Stirling Road


Once again thank you to everyone who reads our blogs and gets involved. It’s a community and a great place to live. Let us all stick together and see the village do well.