This week Gavinburn Primary pupils have been learning about science!!  We have been so lucky to have people from different companies and universities set up fun workshops for us. A really enjoyable experiment is something called the ‘miracle berry’, when swished around your tongue and swallowed it will make sour things taste sweet, it was really cool.  Check out our twitter for pictures, find us with the name @gavinburnps, or if you prefer have a look on our website .  Skylab came to talk us and taxied a miniature plane AWESOME!  We also had The Gist. (Glasgow’s insight into science & technology).  Four publishers from the magazine came to visit us. They let us read through the magazine and it has really exciting insights into science and technology, we even got to write our own magazine article – it was really great fun. We recommend The Gist to anyone who wants read a bit about science.  It has lots of theories, a comic strip and a crossword. ICE Engineers came as well, with Alison and Graham, we made a HUGE tetrahedron!!  We tied wooden dowels together with elastic bands, and made a miniature tetrahedron.   We tied the miniature tetrahedrons together to make giant ones, we tied the giant tetrahedrons together to make a 4 metres tall tetrahedron, WOW!!  We loved British Science Week and learned a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day where ever you are.