The Gavinburn Primary blog will be coming soon. A while back I met with head teacher Mrs Wilson and talked about what we could do to get the school and the pupils involved with our community website. Things have moved on and Mr Doherty has now been been trained on how to use the dedicated blog on the website. The kids will now be taught how to type up interesting articles to share with the people of Old Kilpatrick and beyond online.

Future Web Developers, Journalists, IT specialists, Bloggers?

It’s very exciting that the kids will have the chance to post latest news, events, important dates for the diary and so much more to the local community. This could be the start of something for these kids. As we know this generation of kids are growing up with so much technology and that they are already very talented at using tablets and computers but it’s projects like this that could have a say in their future. That’s why we at the Old Kilpatrick community website wanted to meet with the school and develop something for the kids.

At this stage it is very basic stuff but as they learn who knows where it will take us. If they are willing to learn – we are willing to teach. So let the training commence and we’ll let you know when the official launch is for their blog. Exciting times ahead for the school and our online community.


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