Mr Weir’s P6/P7 class Ready to Blog & Report the Latest News 

Exciting times ahead as the Gavinburn Primary pupils start to blog the latest news and information from the school via the community website.

I’m was so happy to catch up with Mr Weir and the pupils of P6/P7 for another training on ‘blogging and reporting’ news articles via this very website.

There are 5 Groups within the class with each Group showing different skills and ideas on how they wish to blog to the website.

This means that each blog we see going onto the website and across our social profiles will have different styles and ways of reporting.

Keep an eye out for the superstars of the future, you’ll be able to see their names at the top of each blog post they create and publish.


Group 1 – John-Paul, Anna, Ava, Rose, Sophie, Katie.
Group 2 – Oscar, Leon, Joseph, Calum, Oliver.
Group 3 – Jamie, Lea, Justin, Skye, Jack M.
Group 4 – Lucie, Jack K, Coerray.
Group 5 – Jay, Evan, Alfie, Jason, Zavier, Max.


We also plan to hold regular meetings to discuss their blogs, blog statistics (page views, reach & impressions) and techniques on how to improve their skills in blogging and reporting.

What do they plan to Blog Post?

This morning already there was easily 20 ideas floating about and it was funny to see how a buzz session got their wee brains going and thinking about what would be good articles to write and report on.

Here are a few ideas from this mornings training:

  • Halloween Disco
  • Cake & Sing
  • Kingswood School Trip
  • Sponsored Marathon 
  • Christmas Fayre
  • The Nativity
  • School Panto
  • Festive Jumper Day
  • Carol Service

Why Blogging is Good for the School and the Pupils?

Not only do the pupils get great experience working in groups discussing the latest news topics and ideas they get the chance to use their skills in a different way.

Each blog article you see published involves many parts of the curriculum,  news reporting and the creative industry.

Blogging will give the pupils more hands-on experience doing a task that is interesting, rewarding, informative and also introduces them to career options in reporting, blogging, web design, graphic design, video production and photography. These are some of the skillsets we spoke about today and with great excitement.

Who knows we may have the next John MacKay or Sheelagh McLaren sitting in this classroom?

It’s great for the pupils

  • Helps the pupils think about subjects/topics that are worth blogging
  • Lets them think about the local community
  • Allows them to advertise events and activities
  • Helps with spelling and grammar
  • Gives them experience as reporters
  • Allows them to understand websites and blogsites
  • They gain experience in photography, video recording & editing
  • They will work with graphics and imagery

It’s good for the school

  • Gives the school a voice and great exposure to the local community
  • We’re still able to teach the pupils the curriculum via digital strategies


Once again thank you to everyone who reads our blogs and gets involved with sharing them and supporting our cause. We hope that you can forward this on, click the share button and leave us comments of support for the school and the pupils. 

Keep your eyes peeled, the first blogs are coming very, very soon!